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  • Best mobile attendance application for iPhone, Android-based mobile with the option to mark attendance with Geofencing & open area. Inbuilt control system such as auto date & location faking makes the system 98% tamper-proof making it the most used Online Attendance System
  • TimeChart mobile time attendance system app has an option of Geofencing to keep the check which prevents the misuse in terms of punching from a location other than the allocated for work on a particular day or period. The naming of the Geofenced location makes data analysis easy & fast making it the most used Online Attendance System
  • Marking Attendance is now made easy No more waiting at the fixed device station as Employees can easily mark their attendance via the app. Thereby saving time & work smartly with TimeChart mobile time attendance system. Apart from marking attendance, the user has the option to register out-of-pocket expenses. Justifying such expenses becomes seamless for the approving manager making it the most used Online Attendance System
  • In TimeChart Attendance Management Software, the user has his own dashboard Daily punched in data with location with a date range that helps the user know their reporting details in terms of on-time or being late, no of hours clocked at work, overtime calculations if eligible for the same making it the best mobile attendance application.
  • TimeChart mobile Attendance Management Software allows the user to apply for leave with ease & makes it convenient to check the status of its approval, rejection, or pending.  

TimeChart Mobile time attendance system App Assures Convenient Attendance Management

The attendance application from Time Chart is built to provide an easy way to track employee presence and times in the office. You need not have a separate staff to track employee attendance. You now have an automated solution that uses technology to help you keep firm control on the employee in/out times.

Get data-backed reports on employee attendance with our unique attendance management solution. This will help you know which employee is efficient and punctual and which team member needs a talk about being on time to the workplace.

The in-built geofencing feature in the attendance management solution ensures that employees will need to punch in only from a designated location. It also prevents fake time entry. This way, the attendance application from Time Chart makes sure that the system is 98% tamper-proof.

The attendance solution that works smart

Working smart became easier with our exclusive attendance management solution. The team members or workers don’t have to wait in a queue to punch their time-in/ time-out from a specific device. They can register their attendance from the mobile phone itself. This step helps in saving a lot of time and makes the entire time-tracking process efficient.

The customized dashboard gives a glimpse of all time tracking data for a given time range. This way, they can track the number of hours clocked at work. They can also determine overtime calculations if eligible for the same.

These features make it the best mobile attendance application.

The user also gets a chance to register out-of-pocket expenses via the attendance application. This feature helps the admin and team supervisors to keep track of all such expenses at a team level and at an organizational level.

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