Lead Management

Lead Management – Customer acquisition app

  • Organizations that want to grow their business and even sustain it needs to generate leads. TimeChart is the best sales lead management software to Map out and optimize your sales funnel In order to consistently have sales, your sales funnel must always be filled with leads
  • Adding new customer is a way out but the Customer retention is also a very important task for a best Sales Lead Management system that tracks all lead with their status at a glance
  • TimeChart Customer acquisition app Manage leads from the pipeline to closing with ease with full details in terms of communication log and or physical meetings if any
  • Centralize communication option makes the Sales Lead Management & customer acquisition app of TimeChart an all in one application manageable from any type of devices irrespective of the type of platforms they are based on

Best sales lead management software

some distinct benefits that come with this software

Sales Lead Management is the prime source for the survival of any organization, Sales is the final objective and hence the Sales chain has to be managed efficiently & professionally.


Depending on the type of business the timeline for a Sales cycle varies in the completion. Right from the time a prospective customer is identified, approached, and initial ice-breaking happens all the stages have to be well recorded.


At times the Sales cycle taking a long time to complete recording of all the stages & the person whom the same has been dealt with has to be on record as in the organization as well person dealing with such prospect may have been moved or changed.


Multiple rounds of meeting & demo are held again depending on the type of business & the product which is being offered. Hence an effective Sales Lead Management software is the need of the hour.


TimeChart not just being the best Sales Lead Management software but its also the best Customer acquisition app with options of being in touch with the customer in the form of regular product & services update via email or any other source of mass or personal communication & putting the log on record.

Timechart sales lead management  lets you analyze your organizational productivity –

Sales and marketing, both are quantitative operations. After all, the main motto of these operations is to improve on sales which later on transforms into achieving goodwill and positive brand value in the eyes of your consumers. You can monitor the productivity of your sales and marketing teams through detailed reports based on employee productivity and team productivity.

You can make changes to the current sales and marketing methodology for Customer acquisition & Customer retention –

If you are not satisfied with the current methodology, you can make immediate modifications to improve on productivity and swap job roles among your salesforce and marketing professionals.

Future campaigns become more focused on customer retention –

With measurable data in hands, you get the power and the insights to design strategic campaigns to improve upon the sales and marketing operations for your business.

You can set clear goals and assign the number of hours for every employee for  Customer acquisition –

You can delegate achievable targets keeping in mind the special capabilities of your key team players. Employees involved in sales and marketing campaigns can be assigned more specific job roles that could be analyzed over a set time frame.


Individual contribution can be better managed –

Using software like Timechart removes the chances of biased judgment. Better clarity is achieved when it comes to measuring employee performance. The human resources within an organization can be smartly managed when quantitative stats and hard data are available.

Say goodbye to uncertainty and welcome productivity into your enterprise structure with TimeChart. Call us to know how we can add value to your sales and marketing team with TimeChart.