Lead Management

Lead Management – Customer acquisition app

  • Organizations that want to grow their business and even sustain it needs to generate leads. TimeChart is the best sales lead management software to Map out and optimize your sales funnel In order to consistently have sales, your sales funnel must always be filled with leads
  • Adding new customer is a way out but the Customer retention is also a very important task for a best Sales Lead Management system that tracks all lead with their status at a glance
  • TimeChart Customer acquisition app Manage leads from the pipeline to closing with ease with full details in terms of communication log and or physical meetings if any
  • Centralize communication option makes the Sales Lead Management & customer acquisition app of TimeChart an all in one application manageable from any type of devices irrespective of the type of platforms they are based on

Best sales lead monitoring software

Lead generation is the fuel that propels a company’s growth. Your sales team needs the power of Time Chart’s sales lead management solution. The monitoring software is built to add layers of value to optimize the sales funnel and improve the lead generation and conversion process.

It is created primarily to keep the engagement level going and provide a subtle push to the buyer's journey deeper into the sales funnel. This results in a new customer for the organization.


The lead monitoring software helps you to be on top of your lead generation campaign and enhance customer retention numbers.

Be it initial contact, follow-up, or subsequent meetings and demo, the software records every activity of the sales team to give a better picture of the team’s performance to the relevant stakeholders.

TimeChart’s customer acquisition app helps manage leads from the pipeline to closing with ease. All details of the communication log and or physical meetings are recorded and maintained systematically.

The sales lead management solution is customized as per your specific product, business, and target audience. Hence, you can be sure to derive maximum value from your very own lead monitoring software.

The field staff can record data on the go, irrespective of the location, device, or platform they use. The solution can integrate well with any type of platform to ensure a streamlined and smooth lead generation process for your sales team.

Get the lead monitoring software today

Contact us at Time Chart to know more about the value proposition of the lead monitoring software. We are happy to provide a free demo of the solution so that you can witness the immense sales value it presents to your organization.

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