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Mobile Attendance app

  • Best mobile attendance application for iPhone, Android-based mobile with the option to mark attendance with Geofencing & open area. Inbuilt control system such as auto date & location faking makes the system 98% temper proof.
  • TimeChart mobile time attendance system app has an option of Geofencing to keep the check which prevents the misuse in terms of punching from a location other than the allocated for work on a particular day or period. The naming of the Geofenced location makes data analysis easy & fast.
  • Marking Attendance now made easy No more waiting at the fixed device station as Employees can easily mark their attendance via the app. Thereby saving time & work smartly with TimeChart mobile time attendance system. Apart from marking attendance, the user has the option to register out of pocket expenses. Justifying such expenses becomes seamless for the approving manager.
  • TimeChart mobile time attendance system, the user has his own dashboard Daily punched in data with location with a date range that helps the user know their reporting details in terms of on-time or being late, no of hours clocked at work, overtime calculations if eligible for the same making it the best mobile attendance application.
  • TimeChart mobile time attendance system allows the user to apply for leave with ease & makes it convenient to check the status of its approval, rejection, or pending. 

TimeChart Mobile time attendance system App Assures Convenient Attendance Management

A regular survey has pointed out that a person is very likely not to share his mobile with anyone even his wife, this makes Mobile time attendance more assured about its accuracy in terms of usage. With the inclusion of smart employee attendance software called TimeChart, daily employee attendance will become an easy task. Working through a phone-based attendance protocol, this software recognizes employee’s location and keeps track of his working hours. When you invest in an intelligent software like TimeChart for managing your human resources work, you assure steady growth and obstacle-free daily operations for your organization.

It is very important now to have contactless as well as a mature & reliable system. Though you trust the employee's rules has to be in place which is in better interest for all the concerned. This makes TimeChart the best mobile attendance application in its class.

How TimeChart helps Human Resource Managers?

People managing the human resource of your organization deserve the comfort of working conveniently and are required to maintain employee data in an organized manner so that it can be retrieved as and when required. The HR has to be well equipped so as to retain the confidence of the team they are managing. TimeChart mobile attendance app is the best available tool. The list of benefits it brings to the department is very long but here are a few to get you started.

It ensures sound data management –

Professionals working on the desk of the human resource department deal with a lot of sensitive and personal information on a daily basis. When this information is stored in paper files, manual errors do surface. But with supporting systems like TimeChart, things can be managed smartly, in less time, and more confidently.

Protects organizational data in the form of digital files –

Accidental fires, natural calamities and other man-made disasters can cause a serious threat to your organizational data. When this data is on paper, it is always prone to get damaged from accidents. Digitization of organizational data through TimeChart ensures that it is safe and a backup is always handy even when the main files have been lost or stolen.

Removes the need for maintaining heaps of paper files –

Bundles of paper files that are conventionally being used to maintain and store the employee records require a considerable budget, manpower, and physical space. When digital files are maintained by your human resource managers, there is less expenditure on data maintenance, no need for physical space and it can be easily done with lower manpower and cost overheads.

Gives powerful support to your human resource –

Your human resource professionals become able to perform a variety of tasks when they have support in the form of a reliable TimeChart software. They can manage daily jobs via this software very easily and focus on other productive jobs for their remaining productive hours.

This seamlessly translates into increased efficiency and high business opportunities for your business.

Let’s come together and develop a flawless human resource management system and a convenient attendance managing platform for your unique business requirements in UAE with TimeChart.