Online Attendance System

A Simple Solution for all your Complex needs.

Managers across various organizations know the immense complexities of managing timesheets of employees. This simple step eats into their valuable time. Plus, the lack of proper visibility prevents the proper alignment of responsibility among particular team members. But with Time Chart’s online attendance system, you can easily overcome all these problems.

The time attendance software is geared to power up your organization’s timesheet management endeavours.

Get rid of clumsy and messy paper-based timesheet management. Time tracking became a lot more streamlined and impactful with our customized online attendance system. Your workforce is the vital fuel that powers up your organization. Stay on top of their productivity with the help of the attendance management software.

Time Chart Mobile Attendance

Stop relying on paper time-sheets to track your employees, when they start and end their day, TimeChart Mobile attendance system gives business everything they need to manage all aspects of their workforce’s time. Including keeping track of when your employees come and go, how many hours they worked, their schedules, and their time-off requests.

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Time Chart Features

Easy Deployment

Option to host on Cloud or on Premises depending on your business needs


Your business & approach is unique, so One size does not fit all business, we customize the solution so you work the way you want.

Analyze Business

know your business & analyze it at 360 degree

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Easy Setup

Simple & easy with no lengthy & expensive training

Increase Productivity

Pay only for what you use, define the features for each of your users Simplifies the time-consuming routine of processing attendance data

Manage & Track your Lead

Better & prompt Services helps customer retention

Solutions Time Chart Offer

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Hybrid Attendance Solution

Multiple options for Time Attendance – biometric fingerprint scanners, desktop, tablets, iPhone, Android.

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Ticketing System

TimeChart is extremely simple to customize with the organization’s operational needs and easy to roll it out and train the concern agents to use.

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Manage Team Lead

Organizations that want to grow their business and even sustain it need to generate leads.

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Online Attendance System

TimeChart provides a true Online attendance system that processes the data in real-time making it the most suitable attendance management software.

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Attendance Management Software

TimeChart Online attendance system provides hassle-free real-time data which makes it one of the best attendance Management software.

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Advantages of Time Chart

Employee Scheduling

Scheduling workforce could it be for a particular task or for a period at particular location is matter of seconds.

Overtime Calculation

No more lengthy excel sheets & heap of paper sheet, accurate & timely calculation saves HR with embracement due to delay in salary processing.

Powerful Reports & Metrics

Retrieve automatically generated timesheets and reports with direct insight about the team. A 360 degree view of each employees.

Employee Manage Their Own Data

ESS allows each employee have his/her own dashboard which allows them the access for their daily clocked IN & out details.

Geo Fencing

Restrict the marking of In/Out from particular location with this functionality which can be period base as well.

Leave application

Enable the employees to register the leave-or-absence applications via easy-to-use self-services. Managers get notified by e-mail and can approve the requests online making it a quick and seamless process.

Time Tracking

Easily operate the time tracking system to register and analyze the time spent on the projects and activities your employees are working on.

Why should you choose Time Chart’s Time attendance software?

Keep track of all employee movement, including time in / time out

Manage their payroll processing by aligning with hard data from the attendance management software.

Get a customized solution so that the software delivers maximum ROI for your organizational needs

Pay for only what you use. Define the features needed for different types of users.

Bring together various types of attendance systems into one single (and simple) solution.

Management gets a holistic overview of the timesheet data. Get a larger picture perspective on the team performance with real-time data and dashboards on timesheet metrics.

Get real-time insights into the employee's whereabouts and make sure to extract optimal productivity from them. Here are some reasons why you need to get this solution for your company

You can align your workforce to a particular project, location, or team in a matter of seconds

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