Visitor’s Management

Visitor’s Management System

  • TimeChart provides a very robust Visitor’s Management System (VMS) & its customize for the need of every organization.
  • We understand that a common system does not fixes in all requirement so our Visitor’s Management System is bespoke system. Could it be any industry or organizations Visitors are prime subject and their visits are important for the progress of the organization. TimeChart VMS hence comes with multiple options & features.
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Visitor’s Management

A simple vanilla version is mostly acceptable but more addons are available depending on your business requirements.

  • Collection of Visitors data
    • Manual Entering
    • Capturing using Card Reader option for Emirates ID
    • Image capturing and reading from Emirates ID or any Passport
    • Prebooking of appointment & uploading of the documents copy
  • Capturing of the image of the visitors
  • Revalidating of the mobile nos provided by the visitors with OTP SMS system
  • Meeting with a particular individual or group
  • Multiple location of the organization using the system
  • Browser based system works on any device
  • Exit data collection after the meeting
  • Notifying the visiting individual or the group of the visitors arrival
  • Booking of the conference room for the meeting time
  • Notifying the next visitor if is to visit the same individual of being already in meeting
  • Dashboard reports with details
    • Total nos of meetings
    • Time spent during each meeting
    • Nos of visits by the visitors meeting with different individuals or groups

Apart from the above listed features many more addon's can be added to suit your business needs