Visitor’s Management

Visitor Management System

  • TimeChart provides a very robust Visitor’s Management System (VMS) & its customize for the need of every organization.
  • We understand that a common system does not fixes in all requirement so our Visitor’s Management System is bespoke system. Could it be any industry or organizations Visitors are prime subject and their visits are important for the progress of the organization. TimeChart VMS hence comes with multiple options & features.
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Benefits of visitor management system

When a visitor turns up at your office, it is the most conducive opportunity to create a memorable first impression on them. This goal gets a lease of life with the holistic visitor management system from Time Chart.

Integrate it with your front desk system and you will get the ability to automate the entire process of tracking visitors coming down to your office and capturing pertinent data around their visit to your office.

A receptionist may not be able to do a good job in extracting and storing information about a visitor, their purpose, the person they want to meet, or their time-in and time-out. But with the visitor registration system, the entire process is made smooth and hassle-free.

The Time chart VMS comes loaded with a host of features. You get the flexibility to pick and choose the features you want depending on your specific business scenario. This freedom to customize the solution is what makes us different from others.

Does your admin or receptionist ned a flawless and efficient way to capture various details, including Emirates ID, passport scan or photograph. Our system has these features integrated within the visitor registration system.

Different individuals may come in at different times to meet different team members. If they come in for a meeting, you need access to different data points – when they came in, when they left, whom they met, which area they access in the office, or notify the team members about the visitor’s arrival. We are happy to share that this solution can easily manage these tasks and much more with the new-age visitor registration system.

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