Time Chart Attendance Management Software

Employee Productivity Monitoring Software.

Every business owner dreams to have a hardworking and a loyal team to back the business. The employees of any particular office are like the spine of the business and a well productive team can help your business reach milestones. Hence, to maintain an efficient team you need to assure that your employees are working hard rather than procrastinating. TimeChart’s Employee Productivity Monitoring Software helps you achieve the same.

Visitors Management Systems

As the world is upgrading with every passing moment, it becomes a necessity to keep up the pace with technology that is being offered in the marketing business. If you don’t want to lack behind and want to stay updated and upgraded all the time, Time Chart is the perfect solution to all your complex needs.

Mobile Time Attendance System

Attendance is very essential for the survival of any organization. As said so the same needs to be simple as well as transparent for a good relationship between Employers & Employees.

It’s the responsibility of the Employer to provide a suitable simple & robust option for the employees to mark their daily attendance with ease & confidence.

Chase Impossible Goals with Our Analytical Software

Setting goals is not a new thing for any business, but how you achieve these goals is significant. Any organization can meet its short term as well as long term sales and marketing milestones when the strategy and its execution walk hand in hand. The age old practice of measuring the productivity on a manual basis, (which is often more biased and less result oriented) is more or less phased out. Taking its place is the technological brilliance of TimeChart that provides incredible value add to your bottom lines by inducing productivity, punctuality, and promptness.

Data loss is more than physical money loss

Data stolen or its accidentally deleted or corrupted, Virus attack 2. Data we collected but has not been correctly used for In both the scenario the loss to a business is tremendous and the impact defers on the type & size of your business.

Achieve Better Productivity While Working With Your In House Staff

Businesses have always depended on their in-house staff for performing business operations. Although a majority of this workforce performs sitting behind their office kiosks, other than these, there are job responsibilities that require employees to go out on physical locations for fieldwork and execute business operations for their organizations.

TimeChart for Organizing Your Backend Business Operations

The boom in outsourcing and service industry is supported on the back front with dependable operations like cold calling and data center type of business settings. It is only because of a reliable data support and responsive calling that businesses are able to flourish and maintain their business growth models. Imagine an organization where these tasks are manually done; naturally the follow-up and the methodology will require more manual labor and more human resource. With TimeChart, a high performing time calculating software, managing these backend business processes becomes a smooth operation sans the hassles.

Accomplish Strategic Goals Working In Collaboration With Your Outdoor Employees

Managing employees outside the office premises is a difficult task. If your business deals with off roll employees such as part-time service providers, consultants, architects, vendors, and even drivers etc., you will agree that it takes a lot of time and effort on the part of management to align their costs to efforts put in, and assess expected vs. actual outcomes. These issues can be easily managed with our time-tested time management software, TimeChart. It brings the right stack of tools for your business coupled with a convenient interface to record the time and the job performed by your outdoor employees. It gives a better view of their productivity and brings in more clarity about their contribution to your outdoor business projects.

Become A Resourceful business With The TimeChart Resource Management Tools

One thing that bothers all businesses is – managing their staff’s attendance minus the human bias. As the number of employees and branches within an organization increases, the complexity keeps on increasing exponentially, and attendance management becomes an annoying manual work for the human resource department. With loads of productive energy being wasted in this repetitive and nonproductive work at the very start of a business day leaves staff within your organization with an annoying mindset. Not to forget the consequences and personal differences arising due to favoritism in the attendance and reporting for some and negligence shown to others.