About Time Chart

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About Time Chart

TimeChart App is an all in one solution to the simple & complex operational needs of any business. It can cater the needs of any business irrespective of the vertical, could it be Sales or Services. It manages all the operational affairs right from the time the workforce is at work could it be at the office or off site.

It’s a multi-layer solution which can be used by the customer, workforce or at the managerial level. TimeChart is a robust solution that will help an organization to streamline payroll processes and will help transforming the way time data collected, its uses, and reports.

TimeChart Implementation is nothing with minimal cost that makes this type of SaaS-based HR product a must-have in any business’s arsenal.

TimeChart will help creating a fair and open environment for your entire staff which is crucial to the success of any business today. Employees deserve and expect to be treated fairly and work in a positive work environment that allows them to achieve their goals. It’s no secret that companies that are investing in their teams this way are seeing incredible results now more than ever.

TimeChart as an HR platform will not only be an economical choice but the most valuable one. It makes easy for an organization to track staff absences and their productivity.

TimeChart solutions customer-centric approach is built on the foundation of happy employees.

Time Chart Overview

Time Chart Features

Easy Deployment

Option to host on Cloud or on Premises depending on your business needs

Could it be On Premises or Cloud, which has positive effect on the organization, reduces work pressure on the help desk and saves time & efforts.


Your business & approach is unique, so One size does not fit all business, we customize the solution so you work the way you want.

Integration with your Payroll and ERP Software

End results for all the organization is to get all data at single place, TimeChart collected information can easily be imported by your existing Payroll or ERP solutions.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity with Time Tracking

Pay only for what you use, define the features for each of your users Simplifies the time-consuming routine of processing attendance data

Time spent analysis helps increase in productivity & save resources for the organizations.

Streamline Approval

All sorts of applications & their approval becomes bottlenecks, TimeChart has transparent & online approval workflow.

Analyze Business

Know your business & analyze it at 360 degree

Real time & all data regarding your employees give as 360 view of your workforce

Real Time data

Better & prompt Services helps customer retention

All data collected are synchronized in real time hence making work delays matter of past.

Your Entire Team at Your Fingertips.

Staff Internal directory

Staff Internal directory, by name, department or office

Internal communications & knowing colleagues with their contact details makes communication prompt

Multi lingual

You can use it on different languages and diffrent Environment


Simple Resources planning & its availability

Planning the resources for any work becomes simple & fast with TimeChart