Time Chart Features

Advantages of Time Chart

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Employee Scheduling

Scheduling workforce could it be for a particular task or for a period at particular location is matter of seconds.

Overtime Calculation

No more lengthy excel sheets & heap of paper sheet, accurate & timely calculation saves HR with embracement due to delay in salary processing.

Powerful Reports & Metrics

Retrieve automatically generated timesheets and reports with direct insight about the team. A 360 degree view of each employees.

Employee Manage Their Own Data

ESS allows each employee have his/her own dashboard which allows them the access for their daily clocked IN & out details.

Geo Fencing

Restrict the marking of In/Out from particular location with this functionality which can be period base as well.

Leave Apply/Approval

Enable the employees to register the leave-or-absence applications via easy-to-use self-services. Managers get notified by e-mail and can approve the requests online making it a quick and seamless process.

Time Tracking

Easily operate the time tracking system to register and analyze the time spent on the projects and activities your employees are working on.

Distributed Offices

Single registration & login for multiple branches

Out of Pocket Expenses

Documenting & claiming of Out of Pocket expenses becomes seamless as its location base hence no more further investigation is needed.